In accordance with your tenancy agreement there are a number of items which the tenant is responsible.

The following repairs are the responsibility of the tenant. These are mostly minor repairs that are not due to fair wear and tear. If you are unable to complete the repair yourself, we are able to complete the repairs on your behalf for a charge.

  • Reglazing windows and doors
  • Broken or damaged doors
  • Lock changes when the keys are lost (this is usually charged at £68 per lock. 2 keys are provided by New Park Village when a lock change is completed)
  • Replacing lost keys and the cost of re-entry if the tenant is locked out (additional blank keys can be purchased for £5 from the New Park Village office on Ellerton Walk)
  • Clearing blockages in toilets or waste pipes
  • Replacing fuses and electric plugs
  • Replacing plugs and chains to waste pipes
  • Cleaning of chimneys
  • Replacing the clothes line or rotary drier
  • Maintaining the gardens and clearing rubbish
  • The removal and maintenance of trees
  • Any repairs to installations or improvements made by the tenant
  • Internal redecoration
  • Battery operated smoke alarms (for issues with wired smoke alarms please contact New Park Village TMC)
  • Toilet seats
  • Any other damage which in the opinion of Housing/Tenancy has been caused deliberately or maliciously and is not considered reasonable wear and tear.

If these repairs have to be carried out by NPV TMC on the tenants’ behalf then the tenant may incur a charge.

Please note that items which are damaged through the neglect or carelessness of a tenant, members of the tenants household (including lodgers) or visitors. Tenants may be required to reimburse any costs incurred in making the repair.Tenants are expected to keep the premises in good condition. This includes looking after the garden and maintaining the interior decoration.


For more information about anything outlined above please click here and use the available contact information to contact us.