Have a repair but not sure who to contact? Check out our handy list below.

General Repairs

Most general repairs are maintained by New Park Village, however if the repair you require isn’t listed below or under the tenants own responsibility, then please contact us on 01902 552670 or using the contact information located here. You can also use the online form found here which you can use to report repairs whilst the office is closed.

Emergency Repairs (During Office Hours)

During office hours we request that all Emergency Repairs be reported to New Park Village by phone on 01902 552 670 as that ensures the most efficient and rapid response time.

Emergency Repairs (Out Of Office Hours)

When the office is closed please call 01902 552999 which will take you through to our Out Of Hours service.

Gas Repairs

Gas repairs are something that the TMC doesn’t handle and is retained responsibility by the Council. If you have any issues with your gas boiler or the associated system then simply call 01902 556789 and follow the relevant prompts. Please note that failure to keep pre-arranged appointments with the gas section can lead to a call out charge being incurred by the tenant.


Have a problem with pests? Simply call 01902 551155 and follow the relevant prompts to speak with the relevant team. It is worth bearing in mind that some pests are the responsibility of the tenants, not the Council or its Managing Agent.

Bulky Waste Collection

If you are looking to take advantage of the Councils bulky waste removal scheme simply call 01902 551155 and follow the relevant prompts. Alternatively you can follow the link here for a full comprehensive list of prices and alternative methods that you can use to dispose of your bulky waste.

Fly Tipping

If you are experiencing issues with fly tipping that you would like to report simply contact New Park Village TMC on 01902 552 670. Alternatively you can quickly and easily report it to the Council by clicking here and completing their fly tipping report form.