Below you will find the list of all of our current Board Members and the positions that they currently hold. For more information about the board or if you would like to join the board yourself contact a member of staff on 01902 552670.

Linda Theophane :- Chair
Linda is one of the longest serving members of the board having been involved in the estate in many different ways since the TMC was founded. Linda can always be seen volunteering at Ellerton House and spends Friday lunch times, cooking and providing entertainment for the over 55’s club. Since Trevor stepping down from the position of chair at December 2016’s meeting, Linda has stepped into his shoes and has big plans to push the estate even further forward.

Trevor Mason :- Vice Chair (Co-opted)
Trevor was the chair of the committee previously and had pushed through several big improvements to the estate. Trevor helped lead the committee through a big change in staff, the renegotiation of the Management Agreement as well as normal committee duties. Trevor is a Co-opted member of the board.

Sarah Stone :- Secretary
Sarah joined the board at the last years Annual General Meeting. Sarah is very community focused and has been very active, attending nearly every board and training meeting that’s been held.

Donna Booth :- Treasurer
Donna has been on the committee for around 15 years and has always been active in the community. Donna spends a lot of her free time sitting on many different boards in order to improve the quality of the area that she lives in. Donna took up the mantle of Treasurer this year and has really excelled in the role.

Mark Johnson :- Vice Treasurer
Mark Johnson is another extremely active committee member on the estate. Mark has been on the committee for around 10 years and regularly volunteers at Ellerton House. He also spends most Friday lunchtimes assisting Linda with the cooking for the over 55’s club as well as assisting Donna with the Treasurers role.

Rohan Cummings
Rohan has been on the board for a long time now, although he works difficult shifts he regularly attends the board meetings and where possible attends the PACT meetings. He dedicates much of his time to the TMC and has proven to be a reliable member of the board.

Kasey Ginnelly
Kasey joined the board and immediately has made an impact. She wants to push the estate in a positive direction for all who live here and plans to achieve this by focusing heavily on the community aspect.

Esther Gogo-Hassan
Esther joined the board the same time as Aggie and has taken to her responsibilities very well. Esther is not only attending board meetings in order to better the estate she is also helping with the development of the new style newsletter.

Simone Clift
Simone is very active in her role as a board member and is more than happy to help out wherever possible. One of the more community focused members of the board, she often has a hand in organising community focused events for the whole estate.

Juanita Huntington
Juanita is one of the newer members to have joined the board. She is always in attendance for training and often contributes with positive ideas and thoughts.

Sidney Ward
Sid, as he is commonly known, has turned out to be a very active member of the board since he joined this year. He regularly offers to volunteer around the office and also out on the estate.

Valerie McKean
Yet another new member, Valerie was elected at the last AGM and is already showing that she can contribute by getting involved in board meetings as well as volunteering outside of board meetings.

Michael McGloin
Michael has been on the board in the past, and is a prominent member who represents the Cannock Road flats. Michael has sat on numerous boards in his time so has a lot of experience and knowledge that he can bring across.

Jessica Coxall
Jessica has taken the board by storm since she was elected. She is extremely vocal in meetings and is also very inquisitive, which is just what we need from a board member.